How does it work?

SAP BAPI and Batch Input at your fingertips!

BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) are standard functions that are released to the public as an interface into an existing SAP system from an external system. Batch Input is the standard and primary data transfer method used for bulk data transfer to any SAP system (from legacy systems or non-SAP systems still in use). BAPI  and Batch Input method are excellent ways to pull data from, or push data to SAP systems – however, SAP made them fairly technical to approach, normally requiring companies to hire specialists or developers.

XSBS brings you the best of BAPI and Batch Input performance in a simplified yet totally flexible environment, where you can focus on your business objectives – while making sure your SAP systems are fully used and fed with the most up-to-date data.

BAPI functions


  • XSBS allows you to call for any BAPI in any SAP system (ERP SCM, BW, HANA etc.) without limitation. This is the main way our off-the-shelf X’Apps or made-to-measure X’Apps communicate with SAP systems. By using our X’Apps, you seamlessly collect data from SAP into the XSBS memory and then use it in an MS Office document (Excel, Outlook, etc.), at a very high speed, and with the very same security features as if you would connect to the standard SAP user interface. 

You do not need to bother about which BAPI(s) are best to use for your requirement, as our expert developers will easily deduct them based on your specification. If your internal experts / IT department want to use XSBS STUDIO to develop your own X’App, XSBS offers a dedicated wizard to simplify BAPI management – discover the available BAPI and easily control what parameters are relevant to your X’App.

Calling a BAPI is already a good and performant way to collect or post data between MS Office and SAP, but XSBS pushed the limits to allow you automatic multiple calls of any BAPI, without any programming! For example, the standard Stock Requirement List BAPI from ECC planning allows you to deal only with a single product at a time. With XSBS, you can call the BAPI for a list of products in your X’App in a single CALL. XSBS STUDIO allows you to create CUSTOM BAPI, locally to XSBS so that any data can be renamed and reorganized to ease BAPI utilization in further X’Apps development.

Batch Input method


  • Since their inception, all SAP modules offer the batch input method to upload data and transactions in mass. This method is simply an automation of what a user would do in SAP through standard transactions.

    X’Apps  use this method to upload long lists of records or transaction data in just seconds into SAP, with the same security as if you would load them manually.

You can thus use X’Apps to perform mass maintenance of master data (products, customers, vendors, etc..) or transactions (purchase requisitions, sales orders, production orders, finance postings…) in just a few clicks. With its optimized data buffering features, XSBS execution performances are outstanding, with a pace of several records per second – loading a 10’000 records file is a matter of only a minute. We already have an off-the-shelf X’App (Application Data Mass Upload) that can handle most generic mass data requirements. We can of course adapt this X’App to any of your specific requirement.

In addition to standard SAP Batch Input method, XSBS allows for multiple keys, loops and conditions to allow even more powerful X’Apps. In case you chose to develop your own X’Apps internally, XSBS STUDIO will let you play with its powerful functionalities to get the best of Batch Input method.