• Design your own X’Apps

     allows you to design your own X’Apps and to share them with your colleagues.

    With XSBS STUDIO, you build your own cockpits and dashboards to manage and enrich SAP data. Technical development skills are not necessary. Easily model your business rules into an Excel cockpit (X’App) using the intuitive wizards to create ribbons, buttons, macros, VBA, or API.

    XSBS STUDIO is very intuitive. Our team developed this module bearing “simplicity” in mind. A self-explanatory workflow guides the user through the process steps, from creation to deployment of your X’App.

    XSBS STUDIO can also be used in expert mode with programming capabilities, should you need it for further X’App customization.

    You can equally use XSBS STUDIO to program one-off BAPI or Batch Input procedures – these standard SAP procedures may be technically challenging or time-consuming to use, even for programmers. With XSBS STUDIO, you gain considerable time setting -up multiple calls of any BAPI, or playing back a massive list of similar transactions via Batch Input, without any programming skills! Follow this link to read more on BAPI and Batch Input.


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