• Off-the-shelf or made-to-measure X’Apps !

     are the ultimate productivity tool allowing you to match your detailed business requirements while using your SAP solution to the fullest. X’Apps are mainly Excel-based, but can also exploit other MS Office programs like Outlook, Word or Powerpoint, should you need it. X’Apps provide you with a direct and easy connection to your single or multiple SAP systems, pulling data out of SAP, letting you present it and enrich it the way you want (charts, calculations, simulations, etc.), and upload calculated results back into SAP. X’Apps can save you considerable time versus a classical data verification and input through SAP GUI, but mostly give you the flexibility to work on essential business optimization issues, while freeing you from the inconvenient and lengthy usual SAP data retrieval and upload routines.

    X’Apps can be acquired off-the-shelf from our existing library of applications (see below), or designed to measure according to your specifications. You can also ask your IT department or internal expert to develop your own X’App with XSBS STUDIO.


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Our library of off-the-shelf X’Apps !


  •  Analytics

    The Analytics X’App lets you query any SAP table or group of tables simultaneously, and generate detailed charts, dashboards and pivot tables for your reporting requirements. All reports can be saved to be generated again later in seconds with the latest available SAP data.

    Demo of the Analytics X’App

  • Application Data Mass Update

    The ADMU X’App allows you to load a list of data into SAP, whatever its size, according to a standard SAP transaction you record only once. You can then play your full list and all data is uploaded with the same transaction in seconds – a real child’s play ! The ADMU X’App conveniently matches your BAPI requirements when they are simple. You can use expert BAPI or Batch Input functionnalities offered within XSBS Studio for your more complex requirements.

    Demo of the ADMU X’App

  •  Safety Stock

    The Safety Stock X’App allows you to easily calculate and set a safety stock in SAP – calculate, simulate and analyze your stock targets’ financial impact. Improve customer service by taking forecasting error and replenishment into account in your calculation.

    Video about the Safety Stock X’App

  •  Planning Book

    Dedicated to SAP APO, DP or SNP users, the Planning Book X’App is an equivalent of SAP APO Planning Book, with a lot more flexibility to customize calculations and aggregations to your liking, and allowing you to update APO data much more efficiently – it also offers the possibility to work offline.

    Demo of the Planning Book X’App

  •  Procurement

    The Procurement X’App provides your procurement specialists with a simplified tool allowing them to create, modify and display internal or external purchase requisitions. Procurement X’App can combine complex SAP-MM transactions (ME21N, ME22N, ME 23N) into one single view.

    Demo of the Procurement X’App

  •  Switch

    You are managing the planning of products and want to optimize the products phasing out by limiting the stocks? Switch allows you to synchronize the phasing in and out of products reaching zero stock for delisted products and the right stock for the launched ones.

    Demo of the Switch X’App

  •  Stock Requirement List MD04

    The Stock Requirement List MD04 X’App provides your operations with a simple tool allowing them to query MD04 data for multiple products in one go, and allowing for a lot more flexibility in viewing details of the material or product situation. The MD04 X’App allows to create transactions on the go from the observed results.

    Demo of the Stock Requirement List MD04 X’App

  •  Demand Planning for APO

    The Demand Planning for APO X’App is designed for companies using APO, wishing to optimize their Demand Planning Process. The DP for APO X’App loads all APO data for requested products and levels of granularity within one Excel workbook optimized for data visualization with automated charts. Forecast parameters and options can then easily be set from user-friendly screens, and different forecast methodologies tried on one or hundreds of products at once, requiring only seconds to calculate full results.

    Demo of the Demand Planning for APO X’App

Made-to-measure X’Apps !

 Your X’App

You have a business requirement not covered by your ERP and that you are not sure you can bridge yourself, you need expertise and know-how ? Contact us with the detail of your requirement – you can even send us your Excel workbench or mock-up if you have one, and we will deliver a concrete and actionable solution. Our development team creates your own X’Apps with a high focus on performance and reliability – within days, depending on complexity. Do not hesitate to ask us for a free quotation !

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