• Product

    XSBS is a ready-to-use concentrate of our SAP expertise. Match your requirements with our range of Applications (X’Apps) such as Quick Query, Planning Book, Safety Stock, Stock Requirement List MD04, and many others. Visit our X’App library. XSBS is compatible with all SAP modules and versions (SCM, FI-CO, BW, etc.)

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  • Concept

    XSBS ensures users and organizations the complete leveraging of their SAP investment. Extract, analyze, enrich and save data from and to SAP and Excel. With XSBS, bridge business gaps that are too expensive using traditional method or too demanding versus ergonomics.

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  • Clients

    As Total, Nestle, Davigel, Delpeyrat, and many others, take the plunge and run XSBS! Get your users to better adhere with SAP thanks to XSBS complements. Shorten design time and lower the cost of your niche requirements.

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