• What is it?

    XSBS is a easy to use framework around SAP and Excel.

    XSBS covers standard business requirements with applications from the shelves (X’Apps) such as Analytics, Planning Book, Safety Stock, Stock Requirement (MD04), and many others. Visit our X’App library.

    XSBS also helps you defining your own Excel applications (X’Apps), based on SAP data, without being a developper.

    XSBS is compatible with all SAP products and versions (SCM, S4, BW, etc.)

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  • How is it?

    XSBS ensures users and organizations a complete leveraging of SAP investment, moneywise, skillwise, timewise.

    With XSBS, extract data from SAP, analyze and enrich in Excel, following your own business rules and save result back in SAP.

    With XSBS, match business requirements with adequat solutions along with a rapid and cost efficient  approach. Standard ABAP development is not anymore the only answer. Thank to Excel design intuitive application with recognized ergonomics.

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  • Who are they?

    Our customers range from large organizations to local ones. Total, Nestle,  Delpeyrat, Swatch, Caran d’ache, Merck Serono, Huntsman, and many others, run SAP and XSBS together.

    Our customers run XSBS in various contexts, either as a part of their global SAP solution, addressing a large community of users, either locally where any ABAP development is too expensive for couple users, or for Proof of Concept phases.

    Business analysts or operational users, planner, forecaster, accountants, quality clerk are typical users using XSBS on daily basis.

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