Harness the power of SAP with Excel!

  • XSBS ensures users and organizations the complete leveraging of their SAP solution. DowapSolutions created XSBS to facilitate SAP end-user work, using Microsoft Office applications. Users often revert to Microsoft Office applications to carry out activities related to SAP solutions. There are numerous reasons for this :

    • MS Office offers extra functionalities, such as graphs, analysis tools, and formatting, allowing for more creativity and appropriation from users
    • Users feel more comfortable working in an MS Office environment they already master
    • Users find it easier to manage large data sets in MS Office

    The main reason being that ERPs do simply not cover all functional business requirements – business evolves and varries at a much faster pace than a core ERP solution!

Ensure consistency with XSBS

Using XSBS is not yet another way of performing “cut & paste” data operations. XSBS allows retrieving data from SAP into MS Office applications like EXCEL, without any compromise on performance. Within a controlled environment, You can also save data back into SAP, using editor’s secured ERP channel. Excel becomes a workbench for your SAP, where you can, for instance:

  • Extend your calculation capabilities using EXCEL built-in functions
  • Personalize your own dashboard by grouping data from multiple SAP systems in single screens
  • Close local gaps by introducing business calculation rules, on top of  corporate data delivery.

XSBS gives you the opportunity to manage SAP business data directly in Excel, taking advantage of user-friendly interfaces and unleashing the creativity and business acumen of your internal experts !

XSBSscalable and modular solution


  • More info on XSBS CORE More info on X'Apps More info on XSBS ADMIN More info on XSBS STUDIO

  • XSBS scalable and modular solution explained in 1’30” !

XSBS Benefits

  • Seamless integration between SAP / Microsoft Office
  • User-friendly
  • Fully customizable
  • Concurrent access to numerous SAP systems
  • Handling of large datasets without compromise on performance
  • Conformity with SAP security settings
  • Broader user acceptance for SAP applications by providing personalized and business-relevant solutions
  • Allowing flexibility to work offline and synchronize on reconnection


Adopt XSBS!

There are many alternatives to implement XSBS:

  • XSBS basic installation

    You have a limited number of business users, you want to deploy only a few X’Apps and/or want to limit the admin tasks?
    Go for the basic configuration: XSBS CORE + chose your X’App(s) from our off-the-shelf library or have your dedicated X’App developed by our expert Excel developers. We will take care of user management and configuration of your XSBS Portals.

  • XSBS for expert users

    You want to perform expert user tasks such as batch input, workflows or even wish to develop your own ad-hoc X’App internally ?
    Go for XSBS CORE + XSBS STUDIO. We can still take care of user management and configuration of your XSBS Portals if you wish.

  • XSBS full scale 

    You want to keep full control of your users, X’App version management and XSBS Portals configuration ?
    Go for the full scale XSBS CORE + XSBS STUDIO + XSBS ADMIN and let your IT Department manage your XSBS deployment strategy.

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