Our clients have quickly closed operational gaps
with XSBS Solution – join them !

  • In parallel to its SAP APO implementation, Huntsman Advanced Materials acquired XSBS to complement and enhance its supply and demand planning capabilities. The planning teams will have access to XSBS Planning Book and Quick Query X’Apps to streamline and optimize their daily interactions with SAP.

  • TOTAL Refining and Chemicals is using an X’App to optimize and support its Forecast and Budget process. This custom X’App development inspired from our off-the-shelf Planning Book X’App draws on the APO data, which the Account Manager and Business Segment Managers can instantly upload to the X’App according to the desired aggregation level. They can enrich the data with their in-house defined optimization calculations in one click, and check overall results in conveniently designed pivot tables – before they validate and upload forecast results back into APO. TOTAL teams achieved significant time gains, accuracy and data quality with this XSBS project, allowing for outstanding operational performance.

  • NESTLE’s subsidiary Cereal Partners Worldwide is using an X’App to optimize and support its Promotion Management process. CPW is practising regular seasonal promotions in partnership with other brands and has to match the packaging of its products and the volume produced with each packaging to the expected forecasted sales volume for each promoted product. This complex process requires many different data sources from APO and other SAP systems and was dramatically simplified and streamlined through the use of an XSBS Solution.

  • DAVIGEL Demand and Supply planners are constantly challenged to source their products from the best source and in optimal quantities. To do so, they base their decision on many different parameters from disseminated functional areas (Advanced Planning, Current Business data like promotions, actual sales, Material data such as inventory status, or Purchasing data like supplier info, contracts, etc.). What initially was a lengthy and intricate process for planners became a secured and fluid operation throuh the use of a specifically developed X’App. Time spent by planners is now really on optimal supply decision-making – and not on pulling data and uploading order transactions into SAP, which is done in a few clicks through the custom XSBS X’App.

  • DELPEYRAT, a specialist brand of terroir products like foie gras and dried ham, is supporting the Master Production Schedule process at its newly acquired smoked salmon unit with an X’App. This deployment enabled the rapid ramp-up of their integrated MPS process at the small-size production unit, and avoided significant adaptation costs of their core SAP solution, as salmon and foie gras production respond to totally different parameters.