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  • scalable and modular solution

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  • XSBS scalable and modular solution explained in 1’30” !

XSBS Benefits

  • Seamless integration between SAP / Microsoft Office
  • User-friendly
  • Fully customizable
  • Concurrent access to numerous SAP systems
  • Handling of large datasets without compromise on performance
  • Conformity with SAP security settings
  • Broader user acceptance for SAP applications by providing personalized and business-relevant solutions
  • Allowing flexibility to work offline and synchronize on reconnection


Adopt XSBS!

There are many alternatives to implement XSBS:

  • XSBS basic installation

    You have a limited number of business users, you want to deploy only a few X’Apps and/or want to limit the admin tasks? Go for the basic configuration: XSBS CORE + chose your X’App(s) from our off-the-shelf library or have your dedicated X’App developed by our expert Excel developers. We will take care of user management and configuration of your XSBS Portals.

  • XSBS for expert users

    You want to perform expert user tasks such as batch input, workflows or even wish to develop your own ad-hoc X’App internally ? Go for XSBS CORE + XSBS STUDIO. We can still take care of user management and configuration of your XSBS Portals if you wish.

  • XSBS full scale 

    You want to keep full control of your users, X’App version management and XSBS Portals configuration ? Go for the full scale XSBS CORE +XSBS STUDIO +XSBS ADMIN and let your IT Department manage your XSBS deployment strategy.


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