Fast onboarding and user adoption with X’Apps


  • One of the best aspects of deploying a new X’App with your teams, on top of the immediate productivity gains it will bring to your operations, is that your teams will quickly get on board. Adoption and retention rates are generally much higher and quicker to achieve than for any standard SAP transaction. This is due on one hand, to the familiar Excel or MS Office environment, and on the other hand, on the productivity gains, which let your team members focus on the interesting part of their job by automating the repetitive and time-consuming part.

    Depending on the complexity of your process and supporting X’App, you can envisage to train your teams with a single classroom or visio-conference training session of just 30 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. XSBS can either support you in building this custom training session or deliver it as a turnkey training session.

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XSBS Training for expert users

If you want to train your internal experts / IT staff to build X’Apps with XSBS STUDIO, we have a readily available training program delivered via webconference for you. In this training session, all XSBS STUDIO functionalities are reviewed in detail in order for experts to be able to design their first X’App right after the session – a genuine accelerator to your projects.

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Expert Training Content

The session helps consultants and business analysts master all features of XSBS CORE and XSBS STUDIOAfter an initial concept explanation and Q&A, the training will lead you through the different steps of an XSBS Project (from its creation until its deployment in the XSBS CORE Portals) using a real example. 
Duration : 3 hours
Material : Slide show, Demo and exercises
NB :  limited to maximum 10 participants to ensure a smooth and interactive training based on practice and handouts. Minimum of 3 attendees.