• Distribute and run your X’Apps

     is the main functional brick allowing you to distribute and run your XSBS Applications (or X’Apps). XSBS CORE pilots the connections to your multiple SAP instances (ECC, BW, SCM, etc.), using evolved buffering techniques allowing for outstanding performance, while totally integrated within the security and authorizations framework brought by SAP user IDs. Connections to your SAP instances are made through standard SAP BAPI and Batch Input procedures, depending on the design of your X’App.

    X’Apps can be acquired off-the-shelf from our existing library of applications, or designed to measure according to your specifications. You can also ask your IT department or internal expert to develop your own X’App with XSBS STUDIO.

    XSBS CORE can be downloaded and installed on any user PC in less than 5 minutes.


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