About us

XSBS was founded on many years of scrutinizing actual business operational challenges

The founders of XSBS have, together, accumulated decades of experience working at both major and smaller-size clients on SAP deployment and solution customization since 1997. They reckon, through their high level of SAP expertise, that this ERP solution is the definitive best-in-class in running a business, whatever the functional field. However, working closely with clients on real business issues and observing how the use of SAP solutions is evolving over years, they came to propose hands-on and actionable solutions for gaps left by SAP that clients did not wish to cover with a costly specific development. From this project-based approach at the outset, starting in 2009, emerged a comprehensive solution enabling our community of clients to fully leverage their SAP investment while making sure detailed business requirements are matched with high and quick adoption-rate tools. XSBS is a direct spin-off of that common effort, incorporated since 2010 – XSBS enables a wider and more realistic vision and ERP strategy, where all requirements can be matched at reasonnable costs in an integrated environment, enriching the core ERP solution.

  • Daniel Lellouche – CEO and Founder

    Daniel has been focusing on SAP since 1997. While working for SAP, Nestlé and Danone as a senior SAP consultant specializing in Supply Chain, Daniel created DOWAP in 2001 to concentrate all the Supply Chain and SAP expertise accumulated on these projects, and offer it to many other clients in designing and implementing their ERP solution. DOWAP has since been growing steadily, and  is now a recognized leader and value-generator for SAP SCM solutions in Europe. Daniel’s acute understanding of the business challenges of his clients led him to create XSBS in 2010, to complement his vision of a fully effective and leveraged ERP solution.

  • Brice Carnus – Founder – XSBS Lead solution Architect

    After beginning his carreer in software development, Brice has been focusing on SAP since 2011 with DOWAP and projects at Nestlé, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Orangina Schweppes, etc. Brice put all his genius in the fully optimized XSBS architecture, enabling seamless and ultra-fast concurrent SAP connections and data buffering.

  • Vincent Pech – Founder – Sales & Marketing

    Vincent has been developing DOWAP sales and dealing with its clients since 2013. Vincent strongly contributed to shaping the XSBS offer to match client requirements over the product launch period.

  • Bastien René – Founder – Developer

    After he begun his carreer as a developer, Bastien joined DOWAP in 2013 and has since contributed his ABAP and .Net development skills to many DOWAP projects (Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Orangina, Swatch Group, Total, etc.). Bastien worked with Brice on the design and development of XSBS solution and sees to its continuous integration.

  • Nadir Batata – Business Development

    Nadir joined the XSBS team in 2017 to help market the solution to European and North American clients. Nadir has an extensive experience of business optimization solutions definition and implementation in various fields, including ERP solutions at the outset of his profesional carreer in 2000 with Accenture. Nadir has confirmed his business acumen and consulting skills in both operational and consultant positions, where a detailed understanding of client requirements and the ability to match it with actionable solutions has constantly been a major focus.